Most businesses have a valuation performed in some fashion prior to selling or transferring. Partnership buy-ins or buy-outs, gifting, inheritance, retirement, and divorce, are also other good reasons for having a business valuation performed. As part of an on-going annual strategy, some businesses have an annual, or periodic valuation done for them as a way of tracking growth in net worth or market value.

At Coast Business Brokerage, we can provide you with a formal written Broker’s Opinion of Value (most probable selling price), which is more than sufficient for most businesses and companies up to about $5 million in gross revenues. The cost for these valuations will usually range from $1,000 to $3,000. We use the valuation methodologies officially taught and approved by the California Association of Business Brokers to value a business as an asset purchase, a simple-case stock or LLC purchase, or both.

For companies beyond $5 million in gross revenues, we work closely with several nationally accredited business appraisers that perform valuations and appraisals to USPAP standards for: ESOPs, trademark or brand values, intellectual property rights, IRS audits, mergers and acquisitions, and so forth.

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